ECT Button Relocation Modification Kit

ECT Button Relocation Modification Kit

  • Fits 3rd generation Toyota Tacomas with automatic transmissions

  • Kit is intended for 2 piece, leather knob with plastic trim, only. Does not fit TRD Pro knob or one piece rubber knob

  • Requires customer to send us their shift knob for modification, we will add a button to it and ship it back to you with a wiring harness

  • Plug and play installation

  • Retains use of dash button, or dash button could be removed to free up a spot for something else

  • More details below

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This kit will add the ECT button to a convenient location on your shift knob.  No more fumbling around looking for the button on the dash when you want to turn it on.  Installation is extremely simple and will take around 30 minutes.  The only tool you need is something to enlarge the hole in the shift boot bezel (a drill or soldering iron).  The wiring harness plugs into the existing ECT button and retains use of the dash button.  However, you can choose to remove the dash button to open a spot for something else and the button on the knob will still work. 

 As noted, this kit doesn’t include a shift knob.  Since you probably already have a knob, it seems like an unnecessary expense to sell you a new knob.  You will need to send me yours, I’ll add a button to it and ship it back to you with the wiring harness.  Upon completing your order, you will receive an order confirmation email which will have my address.